The racing series is underway!

Race Report: Sunday 9th January. HW 11:28, 10.36m. Race started 10:00.

Once again that rumour has been proved true! After a diabolical week, the rain stopped, the sun shone and the sky was azure blue. However, the OOD had forgotten to mention the wind to Big G, which was 6 to 7 on the wet ‘n wild scale.

Six boats left the relative shelter of the river to brave the elements. Lumpy seas and strong winds ensured sails were reefed and oillies donned as the fleet sailed around the spray-drenched course. 
The fleet was grouped closely for the first lap, but split during the second. The results are….

1st Lasten 120.55min (AND he sportingly gave us a 5mins head start!!)

2nd Mirage 124.17min

3rd Thetis 127.55min

4th Sehlola 133.96min

5th Cutty Wren 151.73

Pandora retired

The 2022 Race Calendar is here

Now you know the date of the first race, you can make sure your winter refit is complete in time. No excuses!

The 2022 Regatta is JULY 16th/17th. Make sure this date is engraved on your calendar!

Diary dates/useful information

The clubhouse is now open – fridays at 8pm!


Weston Bay Yacht Club was founded in 1932, the club aims to serve all of Weston Bay’s and the surrounding areas wind and water users, be that as a sailor, windsurfer, canoeist, land yacht sailor, jet skier, kite flyer or whatever it is you want to do.

For those who prefer the more social aspects of the sports we also have a vibrant social calendar. Events vary from our regatta to acoustic music nights through Christmas parties, quiz nights and many other functions and celebrations.

We have changing rooms with hot showers for members and visiting sailors, as well as our bar and lounge areas. We also have a fully equipped galley (or kitchen if you prefer).

We offer very cost-effective mooring spaces along the River Axe with spaces for up to approximately 100 yachts. We don’t think there are many places to operate a boat from in the UK that are as cheap as ours with all our facilities.

We also have a training room for holding our RYA approved and many other courses and meetings.

We are a relatively informal, forward looking club. The sight of a blazer and cravat on a member are incredibly rare, I can only recall this vision once in the past 5 years, although I have seen many overalls, muddy boots and large smiles. This informality is our strength.

All members maintain and, in some cases, renovate, their own craft. During the sanding, varnishing, painting and repair we enjoy sharing a coffee, a yarn and a sound tip or two, although with two members there are always 2 right ways to do a task. We like solving problems. This is how most of us can keep boats; not because we have deep pockets.

We are united by our fascination for boats and love of the sea. Some members like nothing more than gently sailing around the bay; others have sailed single handed to the Azores; one or two have been shanghaied in Cardiff Bay, Ilfracombe or Watchet!

I would really welcome your involvement and I very much look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our clubhouse any Friday night and hopefully into our club.

Fair winds to you all.

Jeff Parker



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