The club is situated on the beach at Uphill, a scenic historic village about two miles along the undefined sea front from Weston Super Mare (51 deg 19.25’N 2 deg 59.5’W). Uphill is a small village on the south side of Weston Bay, which extends between Brean Down to the south, Birnbeck Island and the old pier to the north.

The Club opens every Friday evening and visitors are welcome. For more information or for visiting details contact 01934 257071.

Also – see Key Club Contacts for more details.

Club Facebook page

We have a Facebook page which lets us publicise events happening at the club. It’s at Weston Bay Yacht Club. We use this as our shop window, to increase the chances of putting our club in front of people who might be interested, relying on Facebook’s ability to judge what people spend their time looking at.

It’s not possible to extend the ability to post articles on this page to all members, as the postings need to be managed for maximum impact.

Please visit this page for news about upcoming events. If you visit often, and remember to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ items as they appear, then Facebook will automatically keep you up-to-date with developments.

Facebook Chat page

We have another Facebook page that is aimed as a much less formal, general chat area. This is at Weston Bay YC. Any club member or friend or associate can register with this page and join in the chat. It should soon be the best way of finding out exactly what is going on at the club.

Email distribution

Members are added to the Google Group


Once registered by the membership secretary, if you send an email to this group it will be distributed to all registered members. Nice and easy – no need for you to remember and maintain dozens of email addresses. However, please note that not everyone is registered.

Please navigate the following links for more information about the club, the cruising area, and the local environment.


The Local Area


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