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Tailpatch Time Trail 17-12-23

What a great morning!

6 boats enjoyed a brisk morning, perfect for a run to Tail Patch and back.

Each crew set off in their own time and reported their start and end to race control.

Starting from Juicy had its challenges with a SSW F3 blowing over Brean Down providing some exciting turbulence before a nice straight run to Tail Patch – that’s the one to our starboard Joel, not dead ahead!

Several courses were chosen for the return and it was decided boats could choose Juicy or A as their finish line; Juicy proving the more awkward where Lottie actually started drifting backwards at one point mere yards from the finish line!

All 6 boats did well and despite a few technicalities, the official race times were as follows:

1 Lasten    1h 55m
2 Lottie       2h 00m
3 Kristen    2h 04m
4 Lady M   2h 05m
5 Serenity  2h 34m
6 Hunrosa 2h 37m

Well done to all, it was a beautiful thing to be a part of.

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